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Grant Peeples

The Heart Has Memory is a collection of 10 short stories representing the first work of fiction published by poet & singer-songwriter Grant Peeples.  These works draw on the author’s varied life experiences, as a touring musician, an expatriate living on a primitive island off the coast of Nicaragua, his own family history as a 7th generation Floridian, and the stories he has heard from friends and acquaintances in all of his journeys. The stories are molded by Peeples’ interest in history both ancient and modern, and philosophy, as he has taken to heart the writings of Joseph Campbell, Pema Chodron, and poet Robinson Jeffers.

After spending eleven years anchored down on a small island off the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua, today Grant Peeples is a sometimes-grateful recovering expatriate, living in a pink house in the Florida Panhandle. He’s recorded nine studio records, and two live, and performs year-round in Europe and across America. A self-described  “leftneck: a tree-hugger with a concealed carry permit,” his work swings between pillars of raucousness and intellectual edginess. He’s a raconteur, and a provocateur. The late music critic John Conquest referred to him as “the only songwriter I have ever called ‘ruthless.’” My Advice to Pilgrims is Grant’s third book of poetry.

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