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Jon Dee Graham

Jon Dee Graham is a musician, guitarist, and songwriter from Austin, Texas. He was named Austin Musician of the Year during the South by Southwest music conference in 2006 and is the only artist to be inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame three times: as a solo artist in 2000, again in 2008 as a member of The Skunks, and again in 2009 as a member of the True Believers. The Skunks were pioneers in the Texas punk rock scene. The True Believers, which included Alejandro and Javier Escovedo, are widely considered by critics to be seminal figures in the fusion of literary songwriting and punk rock, as well as being in the vanguard of blending country, blues, and pure adrenal rock into a genre known variously as “alt country,” “roots,” or “No Depression.” Graham lives with his wife Gretchen and son William in Austin, TX, and tours more or less constantly. Don’t Try is his first book of poetry. In his downtime, he draws bears.

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